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Mar 3, 2012
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So I just finished changing oil and AC filter, like to throw back a few beers after. 2 x amber is todays victim. What's yours?
Grey Goose




Never liked beer. too much work to get down to business, and youre always having to piss.

I prefer rum. When i can get it, i prefer Havana Club. But as it is from cuba, it isnt easy to acquire.

Other than that brand i like flor de cana

im also partial to scotch. no ice, no coke, just room temperature scotch.

(dont drink and drive.... drink, THEN drive. cant hold a bottle and the wheel, thats asking for trouble)
I too like to go sailing sometimes in search of the Kraken, the biggest ******* in the sea!
Crown Royal neat, bucket glass or Candian Club & 7up on rocks. Beer: Michelob Golden Light Draft in bottle, hard to find. Drive to mid-west fill F150 once a year from Virginia, 12 -14 hour drive 1 way. Miller Lite local. San Miquel in Phillipines. Asahi in Japan. Guiness in Ireland. Petrofied Panther P-ss in Bangkok. VSOP in Hong Kong. Wine in France. Anything on tap in Germany. Merlot in Italy. Anything on tap in Singapore, as well as Crown Royal.
Russian Standard is my vodka of choice. I run the bottle under tap water, then freeze it, rinse repeat until I have a nice ice cover. Serve. You can also get one of those metal gift bottle tins and fill it with water, then put the bottle in and freeze(a friend taught me that). Goes down smooth.
That's what I'm drinking tonight.

You got a little Captain in ya ? or a lot of Captain ?

I love that stuff man, sometimes when I'm down a half of 26oz and watching NHL hockey it makes me start yelling "TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE"

Liquor here. And, no real preference, depends on what i am in the mood for.

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