Bank 2 error/high rpm miss


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Feb 2, 2020
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Ok so I have a cyl 7 missfire for a while now, only pops up after a bit if a drive (new plugs and coils so not that) and of course have a bank 1 rich/bank 2 lean that goes with it..but now an having a high rpm miss/starving issue (4500-5000 and up) looking thru forscan and my fuel syst I have bank 1 in closed loop and bank 2 showing error...would this indicate bad/plugged injectors on that bank (possibly what's causing the missfire also?) And possibly a weak fuel pump?. Anyone else had these issues?...sometimes it's fine and then sometimes it will do this out of nowhere (usually when I am at or below 1/4 tank) possibly I just got crap plugging up the fuel system. Don't want to throw parts at it if I don't have to. Thanks in advance everyone!

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