Autoline 5/2/19 - Lincoln Design Takes

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    I was catching up on some "AutoLine This Week" episodes (PBS series on the inner workings of the auto industry) and thought you guys would be interested in watching the May 2, 2019 show featuring John McElroy's interview with the design director David Woodhouse from Lincoln. He shares some of the concepts they used to re-design most of the current Lincoln models.

    About five years ago, the Lincoln Motor Company initiated a new design theme for its lineup called Quiet Flight. Instead of adopting a sporty, aggressive look like its competitors, the company chose to go in an opposite direction. On Autoline This Week, David Woodhouse, the Design Director of Lincoln, discusses how the new styling elements, like in the new Corsair, are helping to distinguish it from the competition.

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    Very good video. I like where Lincoln is going with their line-up. As they say its all in the details.

    I also like how David Woodhouse re-imagines how things can work differently. By being bold yet subtle.

    A lot of the auto manufacturers bring the same old same old for quite some time now.

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