At 109K, the 97 has developed an AC ticking


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Jan 7, 2019
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Even with diving into a google search, not much in definitive answers on why the Ford AC pumps develop a ticking sound. Its pretty rapid and rises with rpm's. Turn off the AC and all is smooth and quiet at idle. I just had it serviced last year and all was good and it still blows cold but the ticking is worrisome. Anyone have any experience with the ticking issue?
The compressor clutch is looking fine turned on or off. One web guy said he replaced the compressor and it still had the ticking as it did before. Odd as that is, I would think the ability to make pressure would start to fail. but another guy said his Ford pump has been ticking for 5 years and still blows cold. One guy said there is a pump gear that gets to a ware point and then the teeth start ticking. Others say the pump has some kind of internal seal of sorts that break down and start to plug the flow threw the pump and that makes the ticking so its ultra important to give the system a very good flush or the new compressor will just fail again. Before I replace things that still work, I like to understand exactly what is failing. As you can see, it could be a laundry list of things? Then, there is the "who's" pump is not junk in not so many miles since no warranty covers the cost of opening up the system again. The can of worms syndrome is all ways a very real possibility with China rebuilds on about every ones brands.

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