Arizona Car Show/Get Together


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Dec 14, 2004
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I saw that a few of us are from Arizona and I thought it might be fun to get everyone together, look at the cars, have a few beers... I drive an '02 LS, let me know if anyone is interested....

I could get us an entire row at the Scottsdale Pavilions the next couple of sweet would a full row of Lincoln Ls's look?? I hope we can get a good group together!

Let me know via PM if you can make it, and give me your contact info so we can coordinate all this....
that would be cool. im good to go common people lets get together
Why dont you Guys call Maxx at Five Star Ford.. Maybe you can do the meet at his Dealership...... Or maybe he has some promotional items or something to give you guys - shirts, hats, etc.
I'm in South Barrington, Illinois would be cool to see some other LS owners.
I drive a 02 LSE.

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