Anyone add auxiliary input to stock radio?

I added a small fm transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
It gives me 2 usb ports and a line in for plugging in a aux audio device.
I use the memory card slot to play music.
Amazon an flea bay have plenty of them.
I did it when I first picked up my M8 in 2013. I also did it for our 91 LSC SE. Search posts I've made.
All you have to do is cut a headphone wire or 1/8 to 1/8 headphone wire. Strip the cut wires and crimp small clips and install in the CD input. Red wire is the right channel. Sounds far better than an FM transmitter.
Thanks for the interesting info, I've often wondered about this. I just read through all of your posts that the site is willing to show me, and I didn't see anything that you might have written up about this. Can you point me to the way? Thanks.
Hey Base8,

I did that mod quite some time ago.

I found the post for you with wiring diagram!

Keep in mind I removed the double din radio and replaced it with a single din from a 1st gen. My M8 is a second gen, and I wanted space to add the ASHAM8 lowering suspension module, without cutting up the dash. If you want to mode a 2nd gen, just make sure to use same connectors. Just confirm with wiring diagram of the deck you plan to add the line in to.

FYI the first photo shows the single din installed with the cassette adaptor wire sticking out. I didn't like that look and that is what opted me to figure out and complete a clean line in install from the back, which does sound much better than a cassette adaptor.

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Hey, thank you very much! Now I have to wonder how I missed that…. For now I will enjoy the working factory CD player, but a line in option would be fantastic.

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