Any custom Lincoln LS 02 fog lights/Headlight?


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Oct 3, 2007
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Montreal, Quebec
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My current fog lights are getting old.. and wondered if there any customized FOG LIGHTs available. or i just might end up replacing them with the OEM verison.

Im up in Montreal CANADA. let me know ur prices, email me on here, sooner i know the better :)

also any custom or stock Lincoln Headlights, prices?
I have some angel eye headlights

They were built by Ken Garrison. They have painted black bezels (at the time were $45) smoked signal lens'(at the time were at the time around $80) plus the kit and the headlights with harnesses prewired to the parking lights. So Im not sure how much They are worth but I have over $480 in them and they are just over a year old. I just bought a new ballast from Ken and havent even installed it yet and the other one is about 6 or so months old.

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