Anti lock light on and lost my blinkers.


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Jul 17, 2004
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Queens, NY
I am not too sure if this is coinsodence or not. But the other day I smelled an electrial burn and the anti-lock light is on and I cannot signal. However, I the hazards are working and all functions on the multifunction switch is working. I checked the manual and I do not see a fuse that is associated with these two things. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be? I do have 2 ABS relays, but I want to 100% certian that it might not be something else.
I'd start pulling fuses to see if any are burnt up.
If it was a roasted IC then the smell may linger, is your message center working?
One of the fuses was indeed blown. I replaced it and the extra fuse immediately popped. What could it be? Thanks!
ooo thanks, Ive been looking for that and the under the hood fuse box, I have a nasty ground loop I cannot find, despite all of my efforts I cannot locate it.
Your Multi-function switch, air bag module, ABS relay and module, air suspension/evo module, steering wheel rotation sensor, MLPS on the side of the trans, and daytime running lights if you have them, are all hooked up to that fuse.
If it does pop right away, you won't even need to start it, so perhaps try disconnecting them one at a time, put a new fuse in, and see if it pops (or disconnect as many as you can, put a new fuse in, and plug stuff back in till it does pop, then you'll know which circuit to look at further.) One at a time, if it doesn't pop when one of the modules etc are disconnected, then you have narrowed it down too a fair bit and will need to go from there.
The only dis-advantage doing it this way is it will be time consuming and you'll need a handful of fuses, start with the easy to get at stuff like the multifunction switch, then go on to the ABS, air susp ones etc etc ;)
Do the brake lights, turn signals etc work properly too? It may be the reverse lights shorted (someone on the other forum had this problem) etc or something downstream of the MF switch still even though you say it's working...
If you pm me your email, I can send you the MF switch, MLPS, ign switch, etc testing diagrams...

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