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Oct 22, 2011
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I thought I would introduce myself to the Western Chapter. I just bought another 1997 Mark VIII after not owning one for 10 yrs. This is the 2nd Mark for me. I bought a new one in 97'. It's good to be back in the saddle again!!!. I live near Los Angeles, Ca.

:D John
hi john

to bad your not in the northern parts, here in SF area/peninsula. welcome by the way!!!let me know if your in the area. currently deployed here in basrah, iraq and in the process of heading back soon!!!!!!tk cr.


check out the next forum, ive posted pictures of my car and events that goes on around the bay area. enjoy
Mespock, Thanks for the info and welcome.

bgck, I'm a former Marine 82'-87'. What branch of service are you in?.
hi john,

Currently in the Californina National Gaurd in a Medical Unit. Got a total of almost 22years from dec. consist of active/gaurd. Thanks for Obama for shortining this mission a month earlier. so will be home for the holidays:)!!!!Are you from LA, CA or Louisianna?Worked with alot of the 29th Palm marines on my last deployment as an MP in the city of karbala, Faluga and Nagif. Alot of sad moments and losses:)but thanks goodness were getting everyone home safely this time. so glad you took a look at the SF Area on this westcoast section. alot to do here in the bay, but not too many mark Viii owners?there was a couple but when it came out to doing anything, they somehow dissapear?oh well, im busy also, in the pharmaceutical industry myself as a civilian, research Tech building reactors for product formulation small molecules scale up. Are you still in the service as a part timer?not a bad way to have a second carreer, especially in this economy. let me know if i can do anything for you. talk to you soon.


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