Air Conversion Kit for Air suspension car

Tom C

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Dec 17, 2010
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I just want to pass this information to everyone that has problems with their air suspension car. One day my cadillac went down to the ground. It was incredible how it just dropped like that one day. I took it to the dealer and they quoted me $2000.00. Are you kidding me?? for a 1998. No way! So I started searching the internet and I found a company called strutmasters. They said they do conversion kits. Basically they say I don't have to worry with air bags anymore because they use springs and coils instead of airbags. Its amazing!!! It rides just as good and the best part that they only charged me roughly about $600.00. They also told me that they have a lifetime warranty. They were a lifesaver. Check it out please, I want to make sure the word gets out because people like me could not pay $2000.00 for a 98. I might as well put that as a down car payment. Their website is
I guess you didnt bother to notice their ad on the top right of the page?

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