advance trac abs problem codes C1289 C1288

Lincoln LS

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    Aug 5, 2018
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    my problem is my advance track light comes on soon after driving it doesn't stay on but turns on eventually every time I start the vehicle now I also have mushy brakes even after changing the booster

    im here also and have been looking at the diag the flowchart expresses a lot about bleeding im going to try again but ive been there a few times already and im almost convinced since fluid remains without drips and cant find leak yet I want to assume that there is a giant air gap ive watched some mechanics use a vac machine of diff types to get this job done but wondering still on my LS :/ now ive generated the right codes and we are with the same anomaly a common occurrence I want answers dammit …...he ha trick don't mind me mind ford

    I want to put a vac on it or get it purged correctly I like the part about on the flow chart that describes 200 lbs to activate the Trac Light :) makes me feel hopefull after driving vehicles so long with mush but need to get this done

    what is WDS? don't think I got that scanner how can I do this without im getting the feeling its like a recipe

    Article No

    2000-2002 LS

    Article 02-22-5 is being republished in its entirety to update the Title DTC codes and the Parts information.

    Some vehicles may exhibit an illuminated ABS/ATS (Advance Trac System) warning lamp with both DTCs C1288 (Pressure Transducer Main/Primary Input Circuit Failure) & C1289 (Pressure Transducer Redundant/Secondary Input Circuit Failure) stored. The Workshop Manual may not provide complete diagnostic information for these DTCs in some cases.

    Use the flow chart to diagnose and repair the vehicle. The ATS Module Recalibration Procedure has been included in the service procedure for use as needed during service.

    ATS Module Recalibration Procedure:
    1. Place vehicle on level ground.
    2. Start engine.
    3. With the WDS, use the following procedure:
    a. Brake pedal released.
    b. Select the Guided Diagnostic Icon.
    c. Select Chassis.
    d. Select Braking.
    e. Select IVD (Interactive Vehicle Dynamics).
    f. Select IVD Initialization Sequence.
    g. Each item/sensor must be selected, and then follow any additional instructions given.
    4. With the NGS, use the following procedure:
    a. Brake pedal released.
    b. Use the latest level NGS Service Card.
    c. Select Service Bay Functions.
    d. Select ABS.
    e. Select IVD Calibration.
    f. Select 00-02 Lincoln LS & Press, TRIGGER.
    g. Rotate the Steering Wheel Lock to Lock.
    h. When "BOOSTER LEARN" & "SWA LOCK TO LOCK" display "COMPLETE", press TRIGGER to continue.
    i. Wait for "YAW RATE INIT" & "LATERAL ACCEL SENSOR" to display "COMPLETE".
    j. Press the "CANCEL" button

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    Aug 5, 2018
    deltona, fl
    you've done one you've done em all is not tech savy for me ......… ex: a French roll and an Italian roll are similar and have similar ingredient's but its tech that makes the French roll tough and chewy on the outside were the Italian roll is soft all the way ,,,brakes go to the floor without activating the pumps is :/ … are we supposed to run a vac on ford vehicles or can I run a drip from the calipers back to the master or something ? the common doing all four corners or holding down the brake pedal while working the nuts on the master brake lines is not working

    in the denou manual rapid movement ? actuation

    Panic Assist Braking (ABS With Traction Control)
    Panic assist braking functions by fully applying the brakes during a panic stop, using a specially developed pressure/pedal movement mechanism. Depending on vehicle speed, if pedal stroke is more rapid than normal, the brake booster automatically applies full brake boost. Panic assist will be disabled when the
    driver releases the brake pedal.
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    Feb 2, 2020
    Bringing this back .. I'm having the same ever solve it?

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