AC Delco strut rod bushings?


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Jun 5, 2015
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Santa Cruz
I understand that the Moog strut rod bushings are not good. But on RockAuto they've got some ACDelco bushings (for both ends of the rod). Has anyone tried these? They are a few bucks more than the Moog bushings.
(this would be for my 97 Mark)
OEM bushings only for the frame side. The LCA side bushings are usually ok in the aftermarket versions.
Cool. Thanks.
On second thought, what is a reasonable price for a shop to change these things? There's a Ford dealer just down the street from where I work and I understand that people like them around here (they've been in business in that same location for about 1,000 years). I fully expect that the dealer price will be 2x or 3x what most other shops would charge.

I noticed that my passenger-side strut rod bushing (LCA side) is starting to break apart - some bits of the rubber are cracked and falling off - ugly.
But all the rest of the bushings appear to be ok. They aren't cracking or breaking apart as far as I can see. So what is the standard procedure when doing this job? When changing one do you change them all?
Or change both sets of bushings on just the passenger side rod?
Ok I'm reading more about this job - how bad is it? It sounds like it's not too terrible.

- I live in California (the car has never been out of this state). Would it be ok to re-use the original sleeves? I'm guessing they can be reused if they are not rusted?
- The bushings at the K member look ok. They are not cracked or broken. Is it ok to leave them in place, and just replace the LCA bushing?

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