A new thought

And the pair of you say---neener neener while hiding behind mom's skirt.


Wow. I was just being sarcastic when I asked if you were a twelve year old. Turns out you ARE. And since you have nothing intelligent NOR mature to say, you can go on my ignore list to.
The things you're complaining about are woven into the fabric of our country and indeed our culture.
in the grand scheme of things, it's only temporary.
Dragon man it's not worth it trust me. Some people will always have a reason to say you're wrong and refer you to something instead of giving you hard facts and taking responsibility for those opinions. Dont bother the polar bear, let him hibernate as for if he is hibernating he will have no one to respond to and will go back to sleeping after getting his daily dose of "food" every now and then.

he's just a victim of himself.
as with all addicts they deny the truth.
I looked for reasoned conversation.
no you didn't, or you wouldn't have started such a small minded topic. i think you were just looking for other small minded people to come in and agree with you.
off to enjoy my day ks.

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