A few pics of the XLR


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Mar 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
Sharp Car!!!!!!!!! IM loving this! Look at the DVD of TOp Gun playing in the second pic.... THat'll help rush hour traffic




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That is pretty nice. I wish I wasn't a poor college student. LOL
take it on pmts -- I think its stickered at about $80grand..... 5 years - payments woiuld probably be about $2k a month with insurance
Man, all I can say is awesome! Cadillac is really pulling ahead in the automotive market with these stream line designs that they are coming out with. The XLR--CTS V--and all the rest that they have in their deck are awesome! Come on Lincoln catch up --supercharged LS or Navigator !?!?!?!
Two tone leathers? Dvd's? Performance? Streamline?
Oh, but wait! Look at what happened when they made an attempt at that with the Blackwood--a one year wonder lol :N
in general, im not all that impressed with the new caddy styling, but I love this car --

Naturally I love a car I cant afford and couldnt get even if I could afford it.

BTW Notice on the dash video - they have Top Gun playing
We need more pics from 1_XLR


We need more pics from you man. Sweet ride. I didn't know it was based on the new Vette platorm. Like you said, a luxury Vette.

Need some engine shots, some pics of the undercarriage, straight on front, straight on rear, etc. etc.

Supercharge it? Hell ya. Nothing like a nice ferrari killer for under a $100K.

Call me in a couple of years if you want to sell it. A nice polished billet grill mightdo the trick on the front end.
yeah, I avoid buying a new design for a few years, they need to work the bugs out sometimes --- look at the cougar --- looked real pretty but the owners couldnt get it our of the shop.. Cost ford a fortune in warranty repairs.

CaddyMaster said:
Its quite a pretty car -- After a couple of years - I might just buy one....

Joey, you miss the whole point of a NEW design
...after a few years, it's not new anymore!
The best thing about my XLR is that few people have them
or have even seen one.....everyone checks it out!
Sure it's been in the shop a few times....but even they're
excited to see one!!
Oh absolutely, but I dont believe a car such as the XLR ever really loses that 'mystique" Even a few years down the road, when I'll be able to afford it LOL
Hi you all,
The new XLR is an awsome car, we own 2 of them, the only 2 in the Albuquerque area until sometime this or next week, when our dealer's 3rd one comes in and we know the people who are getting it, and that puts the total of XLRs, in the great state of New Mexico, U.S.A., at 5. After you drive an XLR it is extremely hard to drive any other car. We have 5 Cadillacs, the 2 XLRs, '04 Escalade and a '54 & '55 Cadillac de Ville-both of which are convertibles, in fact 6 out of our 7 cars are convertibles. I also have an '01 Prowler. Can you guess which vehicle is not a convertible? It shouldn't be tooooooooooooooooo difficult.
:C :p ;) :p
Hi Bryan,
At least the one that is not a convertible has a sunroof! If I did what you said, I wouldn't be able to take the 3 big dogs and 6 cats to the vet or the kennel! :D LOL!
:C :D :p
load them all up in the KAT!
they'll love the breeze, and if you loose a few cats along the way,
they always find their way home :p
Hi Michael,
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is just one small problem with that, none of my cats have any claws, and what with the coyotes here I don't dare take a chance, unless I tie all of them to one of the 3 big dogs I have, then they would be well protected, but then again, they won't fit in the Kat! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
:p :D :( :eek: ;) :p

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