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Feb 18, 2006
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Farmington Hills, MI
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Almost complete 1997 Base, Silver Frost/ Light Graphite Gray interior. 81k miles.
Engine, and transmission in good mechanical condition.
Front header panel, hood, fenders, all spotless. Both mirrors with glass, and LEDs.
Chrome grille in excellent condition. No headlights. Perfect & working chrome neon tailight.
Complete interior in decent condition, working seat tracks, center console with cup holder,
steering column etc... pardon "tow truck driver smudges" :rolleyes:

Parts are best offer via PM or Email mad1stgen at gmail com.
I ship quickly and efficiently, no excuses. Paypal and USPS MO's accepted.

Few pictures below. More available upon request. Emails preferred. Thank you :thumbsup:











+1! Bad title? I have never seen a chrome grille in such fantastic condition! The engine looks practically new. It's a shame you have to part it out. Good luck!
Sold so far:

Engine and associated accessories, transmission, neon taillight, grille, fuse box cover panel, driver's seat with seat track, air compressor.

All PMs and emails replied. Thanks !
I sell parts, I don't BS around. Paid = sold, no other way around here :confused:

Please carry on, and good luck on your parts search :)

Thanks I sent payment for the drivers fender and Im working on a few more!!Thanks

Awesome fender man!!!Thanks it came last night.Man I wish I got the header too.Thanks again
You got a PM regarding another header panel I have here.

The silver car is gone BTW.

Only parts left in Lt Graphite gray are:

both door panels (loaded with swtiches, pigtails for a swap into 1st gen, etc...),
complete steering column & wheel,
clock spring,
Multi-function switch,
message center keyboard,
center console with cup holder,
entire core support,
rear air bags,
misc modules.
This is the cleanest parts car Ive seen.If you need anything you should grab it.MMaker is top notch.I got my stuff and I and soo happy.Jump on whats left.He'll go out of his way to please you!!!!!!

Looking for a 97 SCIL if you still have one. Thanx Bruce
how much for the drink holders? and the door panels thanks ken

Ken, please email me at the address listed above.

Pm sent about Window and unlock switches

Got it, and replied. Thanks !

Do the switches for the windows and unlock/lock come out separately?

Yes, they do separate from the door panels.

Looking for a 97 SCIL if you still have one. Thanx Bruce

PM Sent. Thanks !
At this point all left from the Gray parts car is:

-Both door panels (loaded with all switches and pigtails)
-Complete steering column & wheel
-Wooden Radio surround
-Center console with cup holder and ash tray (will separate to make shipping easier).
-SCIL module
-Driver's side mirror with perfect dimming glass
Wooden radio surround, and fuel release button assembly. I touched mine once, and everything flew out of it, so I have to use the latch override in the trunk. :shifty:

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