97 eldo turn signals/horn stopped


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Oct 2, 2010
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hi guys, i bought a 97 ETC everything worked great and now my turn signals and horn will not work?
Ive checked the two fuse boxes, under hood on the back seat,, is there a 3rd fuse box somewhere? also the drivers side window stopped as well?
I put all new relays in just to be doing it under the hood still nothing.

the marker lights come on if i click the turn signal, and you can hear a click when I press the horn?
1997 Eldorado

I've had this happen I just kept replacing the relays until the horn started working, however only one of the horns works now (there are two). I had a problem with the turn signals when one of my license plate lights started to melt the wiring harness and that caused me to lose my left side lights and turn signal. I am just guessing on all this as these cars certainly do make life interesting because they always are creating new little problems that are just slightly different then the ones other are having. It shouldn't be too much to fix at good shop.
The window is a regulator and is about $220 to fix at a decent shop. Sometimes a body shop will do it for less. The part is about $120 and labor anywhere from $75-$110 an hour.

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