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    Jul 9, 2009
    ok dumb question,
    Here is what I have...
    Alpine CDA-9813
    Dash kit, Alpine power adapter to factory connectors with plug for premium system amp (JBL System) This plug is a 2 part plug allowing it to be used in almost any vehicle.. it plugs directly into the alpine on one end then has a connector that has the model specific plug connects to and allows for factory intergration.. no matter what system it is.. mine is specific for the lincoln mark VIII.. WITH JBL..
    i have the proper harness for my aftermarket head unit, the amp engages then turns off after a few seconds, could the amp be going bad? the volume is on say 4 or 5 not very loud. i have heard people using the same adapter with much success. 1 does anyone have an amp for the JBL factory system and 2 are you familiar with the adapter for the head units to allow aftermarket to use factory inputs.. when i worked for Circuit City, we installed hundreds of them with factory systems and never had an issue like this.. i would understand if the output of the head was too high and at higher volume causing an amp overload, but doesnt seem to be the case with the volume level at 4 or 5 i can even take it to 15 when the system first powers up but then the amp turns off. if i pull the power to the head for a second it resets and i get sound again for another few seconds.. ideas?

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