95 northstar oil consumption


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May 14, 2014
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oakville, ON
Hi there, I just purchased my 95 sts with the north star early last week. Had oil changed on Thursday and it is now Sunday and 500kms later of hard driving I checked the oil and it was halfway on the dipstick is this normal? I do know the car needs a fuel pressure regulator as it hard starts. Would this cause excessive oil consumption? Thanks
At least on a lincoln if the regulator goes bad the vacuum line will suck fuel into the engine. I would think the Northstar also has a vacuum signal to raise fuel pressure under load. So if the regulator is bad you're getting fuel in the oil, making it thin like water and easy to burn. I would change the regulator asap and change the oil.

If you check the oil soon after the engine was running it will read lower on the stick btw

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