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    Nov 22, 2010
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    120K 2001 3.9 V-8, synthetic only, have maintenance records
    New windshield from last year, old one got broken in hailstorm
    4 newer tires with lots of tread, on factory 16 inch rims
    Lots of newer mechanical parts, body hailed out
    Alpine deck / 4 Infinity 6x9s / Kicker sub amp, worth $500

    The straw that broke my back today was the top starter bolt.

    Two weeks ago, I drove it though our muddy dirt road and it ran fine until I turned it off, but now only getting clicking when try to start it, lights still fine but I think starter quit.

    Tried to swap starter today, but officially tired of working on it and spending $ on it. So if you’re needing parts for a project, you’re going to get a hell of a deal.

    Was a salvage car that was considered totaled at 96K miles, in 2007 in Indiana. The previous owner said he was told someone hydro locked original engine around 95K miles, then a 2001 engine was put in. I bought it in 2010 in Tampa with 128K miles on it.

    Estimate 120,000 on engine now, I’ve only used synthetic Mobil 1 on it since then, and had an LS specialist from this board do a ton of work on it in 2012 including checking timing chain guides which were in good shape then, and there’s no audible chain noise now.
    See attached maintenance records.

    I’m 30 minutes north of I-80 in western Nebraska, bring a trailer.

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    View attachment 828572051












    2000 Lincoln LS


    November 2016 Service: Blake’s Auto, Oshkosh NE

    2 rear rotors, Bosch

    2 sets of rear pads, Bosch ceramic

    2 rear steering links replaced with new nylon nuts, Motorcraft

    SPRING 2016 SERVICE: Blake’s Auto


    2 front rotors, BRRF222 Motorcraft $122 for both

    2 sets of front pads, BR1273 Motorcraft $31 for both front wheels

    2 front wheel hubs, Timken HA590213 or Motorcraft HUB20 $240 for both

    1 front upper left control arm with bushings and ball joints, 45D1268 AC Delco $122

    1 front upper right control arm with bushings and ball joints, 45D1255 AC Delco $122



    6.5 Quarts Mobil 1 0-20 Advanced Fuel Economy

    Motorcraft FL2021 Oil Filter

    164,250 miles



    6.5 Quarts Mobil 1 0-20 Advanced Fuel Economy

    Motorcraft FL2021 Oil Filter

    161,600 miles

    Lubed lower front suspension with grease



    6.5 Quarts Mobil 1 0-20 Advanced Fuel Economy

    Motorcraft FL2021 Oil Filter

    156,335 miles

    Zip-tied trans or oil cooler lines up near pass side nose

    Lubed suspension with spray (couldn’t get to zerks on lower b joints)



    6.5 Quarts Mobil 1 0-20 Advanced Fuel Economy

    NAPA Gold 1228 filter (Wix-made)

    150,400 miles



    6.5 Quarts Mobil 1 5-30

    FL-2021 filter

    143,000 miles

    YW4Z-5421819-AA: inside front door handle-left

    XW4Z17603GA: wiper washer nozzles


    Intake manifold blew out in the back, Nick replaced it with a used OEM manifold.

    Nick did suspension rebuild:

    Inner and outer tie rod ends

    Lower ball joints



    Phillips HIR2 9012 - 55 watts - 1870 lumens (low beam)
    Phillips HIR 9011 - 65 watts - 2350 lumens (hi beam)

    Mod to fit 9012 bulbs: Philips HIR2 9012 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb

    5/1/2012 SERVICE: 135,700 MILES

    Car to: Nick, New Rochelle NY

    $260 non-Ford parts, $1,340 Ford parts, $675 labor = $2,275

    Codes: P0430: Catalyst Low Efficiency Bank 2 (Cat converter bad) (driver side rear O2 sensor) Code P1565: Speed Control Command Switch Out Of Range High (Clockspring)

    Power steering pump squealing

    Oil changed: Mobil 1 6.5 quarts 5W30, Motorcraft filter

    Cleaned MAF sensor elements

    Installed K&N air filter 33-2266 in place of stock filter

    Installed new fuel filter in front fender location

    Replaced coils with (8) new Visteon coils 60-1008

    Replaced spark plugs with (8) new correctly gapped SP-467 Platinum plugs

    Replaced old gaskets with XW4Z6584AB and BB Valve Cover Gaskets

    Replaced old O2 sensors with (2) Motorcraft 9F472 AA (upstream) O2 sensors

    Replaced old O2 sensors with (2) Motorcraft 9G444BA (downstream) O2 sensors

    Replaced broken clockspring with (1) Clockspring P/N XW4Z-14A664-AA

    Replaced front rotors with (2) XW4Z1125 AA front rotors

    Replaced front pads with (2) 6W4Z2001 BA front pads

    Replaced rear rotors with (2) Rear Rotors

    Replaced rear pads with (2) Rear Pads (WILL YOU BLEED BRAKES AFTER?)

    Replaced front shocks with (2) Base Front Shocks: 1W4Z 18124-BA
    Replaced rear shocks with (2) Base Rear Shocks: XW4Z 18125-AA

    Replaced end links with new stock end links

    All fluids checked

    Serpentine belt checked for cracks/life left

    Wheel hubs/bearings checked for play

    Ball Joints checked

    Tie Rods checked

    General suspension (sway bar bushings/end links) checked

    Suspension squeaking over bumps: if new shocks won’t fix, lube/check suspension

    Hard reset oil change/AC filter messages (AC filter fairly new)

    If applicable, make sure steering wheel is straight after clockspring work


    New clockspring, but airbag light is still on, and radio display is still not working

    Hood alignment still off

    Some of my lug nuts were bad, Nick replaced with better ones

    Lower ball joints on both sides are bad, so is a tie rod end.

    9/1/11 SERVICE:

    OEM Replacement Walbro Kit:

    Walbro TCA919 OE Replacement Fuel Pump Kit, Item Code: TCA919, $124

    Fuel pump replaced w/Walbro unit & new fuel socks, factory in-tank fuel filter removed. Sender ground wire from old in-tank fuel filter put onto fuel pump housing screw.

    Replaced Fuel pump fuses that blew.

    Replaced cabin air filter
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