2k10 MKZ, no brakes at all


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Jun 5, 2010
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Help!! My 2K10 MKZ has no brakes at all.

The master cylinder, front passenger side brake pad and rotor has been replaced. Brake pedal still goes to floor. Brake fluid reservoir had dark dirty brake fluid in it.

Issue started when front passenger wheel overheated while driving (Uber). The wheel was smoking to the point, the hub cap popped off, the tire blew out, the ABS sensor and air pressure monitor on the wheel melted.

Any suggestions, on how to resolve this issue? All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Certainly, I would bleed all four brakes till the fluid is coming out clear (replace all the brake fluid). I would also (first) replace that front right caliper.
Did you correctly adjust the push rod for the new master cylinder? Did you buy Motorcraft or aftermarket? Aftermarket master cylinders can be pretty crappy. Why was the master cylinder replaced? What diagnostics have been done? If you pump the brake pedal over and over and over, do you loose brake fluid?
Thanks for the response. The master cylinder was purchased directly from Ford. Not sure if the push rod was adjusted correctly. There was sediment in the brake fluid reservoir (black brake fluid). No, I did not lose brake fluid, while pumping brakes. I will have the caliper replaced.
First... hopefully the reservoir was washed out with brake parts cleaner.

Second... there was no mention of bench bleeding the MC... or using a scan tool to open the solenoids in the ABS controller.

You most likely still have a bunch of air in the system... so as Joe said... you will need to bleed all 4 corners.

Bench bleeding is usually done in a vice, that way the piston can be fully compressed to force all of the air out... at the same time the fluid is recirculated. Look it up on Youtube.
Also... when bleeding all 4 corners... check for a specific bleed pattern. Some start at the wheel furthest from the MC... others start with the closest. Some do an X bleed... and others go around the vehicle in a circle.

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