22s on a LS!

Tire will be outside the fender and just rip the fukk out of it, kinda like what happened to your mom when I ravaged her last night, just ripped open. :eek:
your tire was outside the fender and ripped his mom a new one? oh I get it...it rippe her fender well.....hope her insurance covers it....
I tore a chunk out of my fender with 20x7.5's, if you dont lift it, your taking your whole fender off.

what was the rims offset?????? I just bought 20x9s lol!!!!!! was your car not sitting at the right height what size tires where on them? details please??
Lowered with 35mm offset lol I just like being a dick and saying sh!t to scare people. I think youll be alright at factory ride height.
Prob wont be be able to lower it though. I think NYC LS8 had 38 offset 18s and rubbed
Yes sir. Coulda been because of the tire's height, though, but I don't remember what the hell they were lol

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