2017+ Continental Buyer's Guide?


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Jul 1, 2015
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Here's a random question that I am hoping I might get some help from here. I am an auto broker but I haven't had any experience with the latest-generation Continentals.

My mother, retired and on her 4th Town Car, is looking to replace hers after 187k miles. Since I have been having a hard time finding one whilst in Florida lately, my dad (an independent service tech who loves Panthers for reliability and ease of maintenance) suggested that the Continental might work.

Anyone heard the good and bad on these? The size seems to be about right, and of course more tech than they would ever use. How are the N/A 3.7L for reliability? Would the 2.7L EcoBoost be better? Any common issues?

Any thoughts would be very helpful. Thanks!
I have no direct experience with them. They certainly look really good, but I have seen many negative comments about them from owners on other forums. I think that the 3.7 has an internal water pump driven by the timing chain. When the shaft seal starts leaking, it destroys the engine if you don't catch it immediately. Your odds of doing that are low.
Thanks, Joe. Looks like I’ll be keeping my searches to TC’s.

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