2008 mkz jerk and clunk when putting in drive or reverse....please help


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Jan 29, 2007
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I just got a 2008 mkz ..it jerks and clunks when i put it in drive or reverse..only does it when the car is warm .doesn't do it first time i start the car .The transmission and motor mounts were replaced about 9 months ago .anyone have any ideas? When a transmission update fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks
Did a shop replace the mounts. Did you tell them to use Ford/Motorcraft parts.

Cheaper auto parts store parts don't last as long. Your mounts may be bad already... or something came loose.

Might even be that the axle shafts/CV joints may be bad.

You... or a buddy may want to crawl under the car while the other person shifts the car back and forth from Drive to Reverse, and Reverse to Drive (obviously with foot on the brake pedal) and see if you notice any severe movement at the mounts or axle shafts.

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