2007 MKZ Headlight swap to HID questions


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Nov 27, 2004
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Chanhassen, MN
My 2007 MKZ has base headlights in it and they are broken and will not align. Found a pair of HID headlights off a 2009 MKZ and went to install them this weekend. Huge pain to do this. Electrical plugs match up and I was able to get one of them in. Worked when I tested it before I got it all buttoned down and now it will not go on. Wondering if anyone else has done this swap before and had any issues.

Also, does anyone know the color of the HID headlamps? I want to get high beams that match the color. I know it is white light but I am trying to figure out the spectrum number if that makes sense.
I know if the ballast touches anything on car it'll shut it down bc the outer shells I guess are conductive, I fixed this problem by throwing a ziplock back around the ballast and it stopped it from happening, not sure if that's your issue but its what mine was. The HID bulbs if they are factory Phiips HID, they are either 4300K or Philips xtreme 4800K most aftermarket are labeled at 6000K anything over that is a decrease in light output. Sylvania Xenon suck I don't use anything of that brand no more. HID high beam isn't practical I've tried it, you have to add 2 more ballast in an already tight spot and they take to long to power up if you need high beam right away they aren't there for about 10 secs, I downgraded back to factory halogen for the highs, also tried them in fogs and went back to halogen there too. only HID in low beam worked and made sense after trial and error.
Linc615 Thank you for your insight. Reading through this you got me off center and gave me hope that this will work. Dug into this again yesterday and discovered that the HID will come on until the car starts up, then it goes off. Digging deeper I discovered that they HID setup has an extra fuse an also a relay for each light. I am going to do some testing with a relay setup to make certain it works and if it does without throwing errors I will add the fuses, relays an wiring to the Power Distribution Box under the hood so it is like OEM. Basically it looks like the HID's need more current than the stock system can supply.

I do appreciate your insight on the light colors. Going to get these working first, then will explore light colors.
Anytime I hope my trial and error can save a headache for someone vice versa. I am referring to my LS tho I can’t imagine the mkz being that much different but idk, it might be. Have u made any progress to figuring out the culprit?

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