2006 Navigator need help diagnosing

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Sep 24, 2006
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I recently picked up a 2006 Navigator for parts but now considering fixing it up to use for daily driving since it's in pretty good shape other than some issues I will mention below.

Previous owner took shortcuts on repairs from what I can see so I need to undo some of the stuff they did.

The dash is lit up like a Christmas tree. Check engine, traction control and ABS lights are all on. On board computer is barking messages to check air suspension and some issue with advancetrac. There is also some electronic issue with a transmission as it won't go into drive if I first shift into reverse.

Air suspension messages are to be expected since previous owner swapped airbags to coils.

I am assuming ABS, traction control and advancetrac are all related but not really sure how to go about diagnosing this. I scanned it for codes and got P0453 which is evap code and a couple of tranny codes about incorrect gear ratios.

Yesterday I dropped tranny pan which had a bunch of crap in it. Cleaned it up, checked the valve body and put it back together. Refilled with fluid and took for a drive. Transmission seems to engage correctly now and tranny codes are gone. Although when driving it still does goofy stuff. I am wondering if it has something to do with ABS and advancetrac which throws it into some sort of limp mode.

What should I be checking when it comes with ABS, advancetrac and traction control? Are there any internal on board diagnostic that I can run? I scanned the car with my Xcal4 which usually shows all the codes. This time nothing. Is it possible to disable the system entirely just to see if that's what causes all the issues?

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