2006 Lincoln ls question

Gerald Moore

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Apr 9, 2019
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So the reverse band is worn out on the transmission. I have a couple of options. There is transmission from a rusted out 2003 ls for with 127,000 miles for 100 bucks and there is one from a salvage yard for 300 with 145,000. Is it worth one or the other or should I get rid of it.Or just rebuild the one in there. Also can the mustang pieces swap out the Lincoln transmission parts. I hear they are better.
Are you a gambler? Lol. Seriously though, do you plan on keeping this car for a while? If yes, your probably better off with either a remanufactured transmission or a good rebuild. It should have all the updated parts & whatnot in it and come with some kinda warranty. If you just wanna fix it for a while but you're gonna get another car soon, or you're the one that's doing the swap & you got the time, get a junkyard/salvage transmission 'cause there's a good chance that you're gonna have to replace it again. You spend your money & take your chances. Good luck with whatever path you choose
AFAIK the internals from the Mustang trans are the same/swappable, just make sure you check the version before you buy parts. Yours should be the 5R55S. That's all I can think of right now, sorry

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