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    Dec 17, 2006
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    (was $3200)

    This was my daily driver for years. 180,300 miles - most of those from my daily 70 mile commute.
    I am the 2nd owner. Purchased in 2009 from a dealership. It was a CPO vehicle. Still looks and runs great.

    Well maintained - no known mechanical issues. Regular oil changes every 5000 miles with full synthetic (Mobile 1).
    A few small dents/scratches but no rust. Very clean underneath.

    Recent maintenance:
    -new spark plugs and coils - 6/2016
    -front and rear brake pads (ceramic), rotors and brake hoses (stainless steel) - 9/2016
    -new windshield - 10/2016
    -4 new tires - 12/2016
    -new battery - ?/2017

    I have added a few goodies over the years:
    -K&N intake, adds ~15 HP at the wheels. Sounds great - only hear it when you get into the throttle. I'll throw in the cleaning kit for it.
    -Drilled/slotted rotors. Mostly for looks.
    -Braided stainless steel brake lines
    -Plasti-Dip on the wheels. The factory paint was peeling pretty bad so I tried my hand at painting them with Plasti-dip. Turned out decently. They need a little touch-up. I'll include the paint.
    -PIE adapter to plug your phone into the unused SAT input on the radio. I've got it hooked up to a small bluetooth adapter so it is now wireless.
    -35% tint on back and all side windows.

    The not-so-good:
    - Driver's seat leather is cracked/torn. I've got a towel over it for now.
    - Heated/cooled seat fans need to be repaired for both driver's and passenger's seats. I have the repair instructions but haven't had time to do the work.
    - 2 accidents since I've owned it:
    Front end damage from rear-ending a truck. Got new grill, hood and some brackets. No structural damage.
    Rear end damage from a car hitting me at a stoplight. Fairly minor. New bumper cover and paint.

    This is a fun vehicle to drive. Still handles great for a 10+ year-old vehicle. Lots of power. Very dependable. I regularly get 22-24 mpg in my daily driving. 00B0B_fPgpQIrwS7C_1200x900.jpg 00E0E_l6tzJDEiTGZ_1200x900.jpg 00M0M_7u0iP8d7XIB_1200x900.jpg 00v0v_7Y6nOxMrjIp_1200x900.jpg 00V0V_aEEkGAKERgg_1200x900.jpg 00606_fjwiP6zy295_1200x900.jpg 00j0j_6y6lzb0m3N3_1200x900.jpg 00L0L_aRFuV93b4tx_1200x900.jpg 00q0q_3nxnK3KpCB5_1200x900.jpg
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