2005 LS rear deck speaker replacement


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Oct 22, 2015
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Hey folks,
My rear deck speakers gave up the ghost a while back and I use this forum a lot to gather intel on problems, fixes and such and I could not find a whole lot of info on replacing these rear deck speakers, even the Ford manual was pretty vague...So I thought I would show my appreciation to all the Do-it-yourself" folks that have been kind enough with their time to show some of us how to do things on our rides.

First things first....
Remove the lower part of the rear seat by sliding the little locking tabs to release the catch and then lift up on the seat...Push through the female ends of the seat belt buckles through the seat...Also, I didn't show a picture of this but the middle seat belt buckle will need to come loose and this can be done using a nail or small shaft to push in the small hole to release it.

Inside the trunk, pull the seat fold down latches and you guessed it...fold the rear seats down flat

Next comes removing the sides of the seats or bolsters...
Remove the lower nut using an 11mm socket.


Next, just like the clips that hold the bottom of the rear set in place, there is one on the top of the bolster...Its a little tricky getting your finger in there, just push the tab towards the rear window.


Now the fun part, getting those little push in style plastic fasteners out of the cover behind the bolsters.


Next up is to remove the C-Pillar covers...I had a rough time with mine. The center push in pin with the long guide insert was really on there good, but with a little prying I was able to get it out of there.


Now the deck lid...
There are only 3 push in style plastic fasteners, pull em out and wiggle the deck lid loose, going at it from any way you can...it's been in there for a long time and it's a tight fit...
Once its out... all that work to get at the prize.


Remove them speakers!!! A 6mm socket will do the trick to remove each speaker's fasteners.
On a side note, Remove the inside carpet cover which exposes the bottoms of the speaker and the power amp...It made it a little easier for me to help line up the screw holes for the new speakers.


Here's a side by side of the old speakers and the new speakers.
I got these new ones off of newegg for $89...They are 2.3 ohms and they are two way speakers. As you can see, my old ones were pretty thashed.


Time to mount them bad boys.


Put everything back together in reverse order of removal and enjoy the fruits of your labor :)


its worth noting for anybody looking at these pictures to figure out how to take it apart, this is the drivers side latch, the pass side uses the exact same part (not a mirror image) so for them both to have the latch release on the inside edge, the pass one us upside down from this one... to release the drives side, pull the release tab down, to release the passengers side, you will need to push the release tab up.
my radio would only play out the right side I replaced it with another from the yard it worked for a while then only would play out the right side I noticed when I replaced my window regulators that there was a puddle of water in the connector to the speaker !! figures !! :/ ... I got a pioneer and a lot of glue gun goo on my door connections now ... the lady who owned it before me put in two kickers in the rear window deck panal for subs.. I also tried an external amp and Jensen sub box too but it was overkill and there is some fiddling to do via the blue wire and cut offs to get something audio fidel rear /sub rear / rear sub /sub small sacrifice of the two up front dash hump speaks ...but watch your window sills and goop up your connectors
Have to do this again 6 months later as my passenger side blew. Is it really needed to take off the pillar? They break every time..
Well, I guess you could cut a couple of holes and put speaker grills over them. I thought about mounting the speakers from below so that next time wouldn't be so much to do, but I didn't.

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