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    Sep 15, 2017
    Hutchinson KS
    So currently my LS is still torn apart waiting to get head work done on it so when my old lady's volvo broke down I took it to the mechanic as I didnt want to deal with having two cars torn apart at once. Now the mechanic is changing the cam and crank seals due to large oil leak. My problem is that I am confident the leaky seals were created due to a clogged PCV/Oil Trap. The dope is not planning to replace the oil trap system. I am now worried that when I get it back the PCV will still be an issue and potentially cause the same seals to leak again in the future. Am I being too hasty on blaming the PCV system?? The mechanic just told me when I told him that he needed to fix the PCV system while in there that "we should just start with the obvious problem, which is the leaky seals"

    Part of the problem I am having is I kind of need the car for a trip this weekend but I also dont want to pay for these seals and labor twice if the PCV system is going to ruin them again?!?

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