2004 ls rear brake backing plate


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Aug 17, 2018
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North Carolina
Have been told by garage need to replace backing plate on right rear (this is fact, is broken). But they say backing plate is part of knuckle and built into knuckle, cannot be purchased or installed by itself. Cost of entire assembly and labor about $850.

I have checked online for 2004 ls backing plate and reputable parts distributors do not show the plate as available.

Is garage correct?

I assume you are talking about the non-numbered part that the bolts numbered "7" go into? I always thought of that as part of the knuckle itself.
The dust shield is item 10. You don't really need it, but you can get one from the pick-n-pull junkyard for probably less than $10.
If you look at the diagram Joe provided... part # 10 is the dust shield he mentioned.

It is anchored to the knuckle by some large rivots. If you go to a salvage yard to get one, you will need some sort of cutting tool or grinder to cut/grind the heads off the rivots.

Same with removing your old dust shield... but the rivots will need to be drill out of the knuckle on your vehicle. Order the replacement rivots from your local Ford dealer. That will gaurantee you get the proper sized replacement rivots.

And run as far as you can from the shop that quoted you $850. They sound like shysters.
And run as far as you can from the shop that quoted you $850. They sound like shysters.

Seriously. Any reputable shop should have pointed out the function of the dust shield & that it's not a necessary component of the brake system. Also, fwiw, I took all mine off years ago with a recip saw & a thin kerf metal demo blade. Required taking all the wheels off, of course, but I left all the other brake hardware & lines in place.
Don't worry about it just remove it if it's really bad or leave it alone if it's not rubbing against the rotors, that shop was just trying to get your $800.

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