2004 Lincoln LS grilles


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Nov 1, 2004
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GrayGhost1 said:
I hope you find a reputable painter. They are hard to find in some areas. There is a member on LLSOC that has figured out how to retrofit the 2003 and up headlights to the 2000-2002 LS's. It's a $150 mounting bracket that Lincoln sells. You have to remove the front bumper, cut out the old mounting bracket and bolt in the new one. After that the 2003 and up headlights will work. This is good news if you want to add the OEM HID headlight kit. I'm currently working the Angel Eye Kit for the 2003 headlights. I may not have those completed until late winter. I have other things going on at my REAL job.

The supplier I get the emblems from is working on the center cap emblems. He's been slow to go on those but I'll buzz him up this week and see where he's at with those.

What is the LLOC members name? I am a member on that website as well. I would like to contact him so that I can get all the specifics on the Headlamp modification. I really want to add the OEM HID lighting system. Thanks


His screen name is ovsims. He's done some cool stuf with the 2004 LSE front bumper on his 2000 LS.

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