2004 Lincoln Aviator audio problems


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Sep 18, 2021
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hello guys i have a 2004 lincoln and im having issues with my audio system and was wondering if you guys had a similar problem or could help me out.

So i have my rear passenger speaker making no sound, rear driver speaker barely making sound, driver speaker sound is going out soon but my passanger speaker is only fully working. i was thinking of replacing the sub and all speakers and seeing if the sub would work of the factory amp just to not deal with tearing everything out and messing with the wiring since it has the entertainment system (dvd player). so while taking the sub out there was no amp, on the wiring diagram i had seen that same wire that was supposed to power the amp- the sub is wired directly to it, idk if the radio (6 disc) has one prebuilt or it can just handle it but this car was sold directly from the dealership so no one removed it and bypassed the amp. idk if this car has the thx system in it but from what others said since it has the dvd player it does. im asking what should i do because i dont want to have to replace the radio system and rewire everything while losing the dvd player and any other features with the car. im not sure if my problem is the radio or wiring since the speakers are working. ( almost forgot to say when we removed the sub we tested it and it was working so im not sure like i said if the radio has a problem or if there is a short or cut in any of the wiring )
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