2003 Navigator dead cluster


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Nov 10, 2015
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My neighbor gave me a 2003 Navigator in exchange for some work, it has a myriad of issues. There's been some water ingress from the sunroof as it was replace and never properly adjusted, and instead of sealing it up like he should have, he just let it go. Now it seems as though the cluster has died. I get some output from it, like a highbeam indicator and blinkers, but absolutely nothing else. The needles don't even move. I still get a chime though, which I assume is run through the cluster. Would anyone have some insight on this? And before it's said, the fuses are indeed good. Anything else that runs off of the cluster fuses works.
So as I found out, fuse 15 was blown, that only runs the advancetrac switch and the cluster, I replaced it with another 5 amp fuse and it just blew again. Internal damage in the cluster or a frayed wire somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas?
Update again, finished chopping out the garbage aftermarket alarm system, after doing all that, the cluster now works, but I now don't have a backlight. This is a step in the right direction. Feels like so close but yet so far.
Hey slm987. I had a dead cluster and followed your lead. Removed the python auto start/ alarm. With wires and black tape all over the place. Got a little hairy...but it worked ....except my backlights arent working either. Ever figure it out?
I went to a junkyard today picked up 2 clusters $35 each. The first cluster looked different from behind than mine but the second was identical. I bought them both because the one that looked different looked like an improved design. It works! And the second works also. So in the end removing the aftermarket auto start/ alarm unit.. then replacing the cluster worked. I now have a working second clustet that i plugged in and checked. If anyone needs one i am selling it for $85.

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