2002 oil pan gasket leak


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Nov 13, 2011
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Sin City, Nevada
Hello folks im having problems with my oil pan gasket thats leaking on my 2002 Continental. All of the bolts on the oil pan have oil on them which indicates that the gasket needs to be replaced. I tried tightening them a bit with no luck, I also didnt want to tighten them that much that I wouldnt be able to take them off afterwards. Now my question is I know that the exhaust Y pipe has to come off in order to get all of the bolts off the pan. Does anybody else know or has done this before. Also how much would this repair cost me if I was to take the car somewhere to get it done. Im pretty handy with mechanic work but sometimes I rather not go through the headache of getting underneath the car. Specially since this is a pretty big job. So what are your inputs and opinions and I greatly appreciate your help.
Well, to start off we have a member here whose profile name is lincolnelite. He has changed his oil pan gasket before. I will post his DIY facebook page link on here for you. I also typed in a zip code in North of Las Vegas Nevada to see about how much it would run you in costs if you were to take it to a mechanic.

lincolnelite DIY Facebook Continental page: https://www.facebook.com/diylincolncontinental/ (scroll down to the oil pan gasket replacement) Very skilled individual may I add.

RepairPAL guesstimate:https://repairpal.com/estimator/results

You can also try to find a set of 2002 Workshop repair manuals for you Continental on Ebay. They are good to have that way if you do take apart something you can follow the outlines to put it back together. They are the same ones the Lincoln Dealers used to asses your car.

Follow my restoration/refurbishment thread on things that you are planning on doing to your car. I try to post as much DIY/Procedures on here as I can when I get the time to work on my Lincoln.

I hope this helps.


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