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    Mar 4, 2011
    My 2002 LSE was totaled in December after being rear-ended. I'm still bummed about it. I got it in 2008 and put a lot of miles on it.

    I wanted to thank this forum and all of the posters. This forum has been a fantastic resource and source of help over the years. I have done all of my own repairs, many with help from guides posted on this forum. I have had the regular issues: valve cover gaskets, coils, window regulators, clockspring, driver's seat airbag sensor connector, in-dash 6 CD jam-o-matic, driver's side door interior door handle, and a few I'm probably forgetting. Even with all the issues, I loved the car.

    Here is a photo from its prime:

    I was rear-ended hard enough that it buckled the rear quarter panels. The battery in the trunk was nearly ripped in half.

    I had planned on keeping it for another year or two, at least until my family outgrew it. My insurance company totaled it and I didn't think it was worth fixing, so I let it go.

    I didn't save anything from the car except for my summer wheel/tire set (17" LSE grey 5-spoke wheels with silver lip, shown in the first photo). My winter wheels/tires were on at the time of the accident. The BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S tires on them are about 3.5 years old and have 8/32" tread left (came with 9/32" new). I am planning to sell them locally because I don't want to deal with shipping. How much would you ask for them if you were selling? If anyone here is interested, please let me know.
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    Jan 20, 2014
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    I had the gen 1 Sports (so same shape, painted silver, no machined lip, much more common) with the same tires. I couldn't sell them in a year in NJ. I listed them for $400, then 350 obo. Finally gave up and ended up buying 17x7 Volvo wheels, swapped the tires, and mounted them to my Fusion as quasi winters. I tried mounting them as-is but the mag shanks for the Lincoln wheels hit the rotor. They hit my Taurus' shocks so that was out entirely

    The wheels are pretty specific to the LS in terms of fitment and style, so it's probably going to stick to an LS if anything. Facebook Marketplace is more popular than craigslist here since its much easier to browse and message (same reason Facebook groups have blown up while forums have died)

    The tire size is fairly common though, so you may have better luck separating them - probably $20/wheel. That'd also make it about $40/wheel to ship if you found a remote buyer

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