2001 LS V6 Radiator Replacement Tips

Lincoln LS

  1. tireman

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    May 15, 2005
    Just finished replacing the radiator after 195k miles. It is difficult but can be done if you take your time. Here is what i found out.

    The radiator is 29" at the top and 30.25 at the bottom. You must remove it from under the car otherwise it is too difficult to remove.

    Get a sawzall, bungee cords and zip ties, too hold everything out of the way while you install.

    removal steps to make it easy. 1. unhook the hydraulic fan, do not remove yet. From underneath vehicle use sawzall to cut off the rad legs and lower rad hose connector. 2. use sawzall to cuth thru upper rad hose connector. 3. remove two lower hose at stainless connector
    that go under the rad passenger side and tie off. 4. remove bolts to front coolers from rad and lift off the plate of the cooler in front of the rad, that rides on the rad clips. Now everything is disconnected, drop rad out of car. 5. tilt the fan motor housing toward the front of vehicle, now you have easy access to the center bolt. Use 18mm stubby and hammer. tap tap tap hammer until the bolt comes loose. pull fan housing and place on engine. 6. with fan out remove the two power steering hoses, one at reservour and the other along lower fender, tie them at front of coolers. 7 tie everything off as far forward as possible and away from the new rad. you do not need to worry about the a/c lines, there is enough room. The fluids will drain from the power steering and hydraulic fan, be prepared.
    Installation is quick once you get the rad legs in the holes. Remove the rubber bushings to line up the legs and then reinstall the bushings. the only problem is the fan motor center nut. make sure the nut on the line is clean and you can easily turn it by hand, you will need to hand thread it to get it started, then slowly use the 18mm stubby to tighten, take your time. I'm 63 years old and in chemo therapy, if I can do it, you can do it.
    Refill the fluids, purge the cooling system, and drive!
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    Apr 2, 2007
    Good write-up, I did this in 2010 and can't remember having to remove the fan from its hydraulic motor, but I do remember having to cut off a 17 or 18 mm wrench to deal with one of the hydraulic lines however. It turned out that I replaced the radiator for nothing, because my original problem was still present. Thanks to this forum, I finally fixed my problem by replacing the actuator/solenoid on the fan's pump. Seven years later, I just had the same problem and changed the solenoid out again! Good luck on your recovery/treatment.

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