2001 Lincoln LS hard to start, idles rough, sets P0172 (Bank 1 too rich

Lincoln LS

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    Jul 9, 2017
    3.9 V8 1st Gen the annoying P0172 code popped up again so it’s not surprising when I said in a recent post that I’m getting lots of smoke out of Left rear muffler ...After researching all the possibilities that could trip this code I’m going to replace the MAF ...I want to start simple first but I don’t want to throw a bunch of unneeded parts on this car....and from what I read it can be a boat load of things that set this DTC code...Bad MAF, bad MAP sensor, fuel injectors ( very possible with the look of my plugs) but no misfire codes...( frustrating ) :-/ vacuum leak and I have a pic on another post of a free hanging gray housing with one green wire on the back of fire wall but nobody must know where it belongs...I’m ready to bring the car into the Mech where he has the technology to diagnose all the different possibilities why my car is running rich because damn after doing some homework I could be replacing a lot of parts before I pinpoint the culprit ...the Live reading on my scanner for MAF seems normal but not sure and never hurts to replac a MAF every now and again ...after the looks of the air filter the previous owner had in this poor girl it’s a wonder I could even start it at all...why are ppl so hard and neglegent when it comes to cars? (shaking head)

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