2001 Lincoln Continental Blender Door Actuator


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May 3, 2023
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Hey peeps new to the forum. I have a question regarding an issue with my AC / Heater on my 2001 Lincoln Continental. Last summer the AC worked amazing, it was ice cold. I drove the car on a beach trip down to Mexico and while down there my battery went dead. I jumped it and it was fine. The next day the battery was dead again. Jumped it again and barely made it to the local Sams Club to buy a new battery. Car fired right up and was fine until I tried turning on the AC. AC was dead blowing hot air. Compressor was cycling in and out fine and lines were cold but blowing hot air. My first thought was the blender doors are stuck on heat side. Drove back home in 100+ degree weather back to AZ and didn't drive the car for a few days. The day I used the car again the AC worked and back as normal but then on my way home it went dead again. Checked everything again (compressor, freon pressure etc) and everything seemed fine but blowing hot air. You could feel the cold air as if it trying to blow through but very faint with hot air. Could have the blender doors have stuck to heat side? Perhaps when battery went dead it reset something and the blender doors got stuck. You can here the ticking under the dash when switching back and fourth from AC to heat but not sure. Anything like this happened to any of you peeps out there? Can anyone tell me where the actuator is located under the dash? Thanks my peeps!

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