2001 Continental rear ball joint replacement

Can you even find the ball joints separately at a parts store?

If the Continental is anything like the Lincoln LS, you may have to buy the whole control arm.

Well... the ball joints are available separately. However, since the control arm is aluminum, replacing the ball joints could prove to be tricky.
I know I can buy the ball joints, which I did. It looks like the replacement procedure is a black hole. I will do a DIY myself when I get to the job.
I thought I saw some arms on Rock Auto.

The arms are aluminum, just like the Lincoln LS steering knuckles.

They were not intended to be rebuilt, but replaced as a whole unit.

It takes ALOT of heat to expand the aluminum to get the old ball joints out, and alot of heat to get them back in.

IME... It's a two person job, and the control arms should be removed from the car.

Caveat... most shops will probably not want to do the job, for liability reasons.

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