2000 LS misfire only when hot please help


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Jan 12, 2005
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hello all, im new here and i need some help. i have a 2000 ls v8 and my car runs great until it warms up(to normal operating temp). i have replaced all of the coil boots, spark plugs and fuel filter. i have read all the posts about the notorius problem with the coils going bad. could this be something that just happens when they get hot or do they break and never work again. it has a steady misfire and when it goes to final gear at about 45 to 50 mph it studders REALLY bad. i have not gotten a check engine light. i sent it to the shop to get it checked out and the told me to replace the boots and plugs and after i did that the problem got worse. i am lost, i dont wont to just start replacing parts, the problem has gotten worse and worse over the past two weeks. its so bad now i can barely drive it. i would be VERY thankful for any info

misfire will really only be noticable when the engine is under load. You also may have a blown valve cover gasket which could be causing a recurrence of the problem.
i had oil in 3 of the cylinders, and fixed the valve cover gasket along with the sparkplug gasket also. what i cant understand is why it only does it when its hot. can the coil pack act up when they get hot, or should i be looking elsewhere.
finally got a check engine light today, the code said there was a misfire on cyl 1,5,8 does this mean that i should change the coil packs on those cylinders

I'm not clear on what you changed before... just the boot and plug, or the actual coil pack itself... I have #3 and #5 bad on mine, and as we speak, well sort of, I'm changing the gasket and coil packs out. It is possible that the gasket is okay, check for oil. If there isnt' any oil, then the only thing left is the coil pack itself. They are about $35 each, and fairly easy to change.
i finally fixed it today... i was never so happy to finally see a check engine light, thank god.... it was coil 1 5 and 8. the computer said misfire, and the coils where it. after i replaced them it ran like a champ..... everyone thanks for the info... thanks again


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