1998 Mark VIII


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Jul 20, 2019
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Queen Creek, Arizona
Hello all. It has been a while; I should consider that a blessing of itself regarding the purse.

It has come that time to replace suspension parts on the Mark, at least on the lower side. Seems the old names like Moog have gone the way of most US companies. I have highly considered Rare Parts, but I can't justify the prices at this point in time. What is better, in your honest opinion, MevoTech or Detroit Axle? I prefer the first, their Supreme line parts.

Thanks for your help, Stuart
I would do the Mevotech. I had originaly bought a complete set of Detroit axle A arms n joints and they were junk. One ball joint was so stiff I could barely get it to move. I then went to Rockauto and bought the ones that had grease fittings. not sure what brand that was but Iv used mevotech before and they looked good. I think those parts were from Turkey.

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