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Apr 23, 2008
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This is a 98 Mark VIII LSC black/black car has 95XXX miles on it, clean title and good inspection until 2014
It has some upgrades such as...

SCT Tune(lonnie)
Custom Exhaust
Under drive Pulleys
Cobra Intake Manifold
4.10 Gears with trac lock (installed less than 5000 miles ago with new axles)
24000 GVW trans cooler
1 Piece Drive Shaft(93 mark)
Also has Pioneer AVH-P1400 DVD head unit and aftermarket low beam HID 9006 bulbs installed so no worries finding the factory replacements

Only defects on the car are on the exterior one being a small dent on the drivers side rear quarter panel about the size of a fist, the other being much smaller on passenger fender about the size of a lighter, and there is slight fading on one corner of the rear bumper other than that paint is good and still shines very nice. Interior is in next to perfect shape, no tears in leather no cracks on dash. The car will need new front tires due to alignment. Also will need new sunroof weather stripping it has a small tear that gets caught when the glass is slid back, but it does not leak.

Also will come with additional transmission tail shaft housing with lube mod that also hasn't been installed yet, and with gasket necessary for performing JMOD. Also has a few spare parts that it will come with as well. Oil was just changed in it as always with mobile 1 oil and filter the timing chain guides tensioners and chains were just replaced along with valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket and front main seal. everything works on the car, air bags are in great shape, blend door works perfectly, neon was replaced not long ago.

I have posted this car for sale a couple of times but always had a change of heart but now im ready to move onto other things, any questions feel free to ask!! Located in Central NJ

Price is 3500 firm





Great car, my buddy had the same year and color combo back in the day. Had some good times in her.
what's the story with the exhaust mods?any chance you can add pics of the undercarriage or typical rust areas?
car has basic exhaust mods, 3rd cat removed with x pipe installed and expansion II mufflers, ill try to get some undercarriage pics but it has minimal surface rust and nothing major.
what are the typical rust areas? there is no rust on any of the unibody, just some surface rust on some of the suspension components
yeah, sorry guys..just couldnt resist a 98 lsc black on black.. if your nice, ill let you look at her..HAHA.. anyway, Thanks..nice car..
Congrats. I kept looking at this. I need to get off the fence and just buy another one already. I've got my eye on a few.
Congrats. I kept looking at this. I need to get off the fence and just buy another one already. I've got my eye on a few.

Might have my 97 for on getting her fixed up. Needs ballast, pcm, abs, clock spring is done, needs painted, but runs good...
Just wanted to say hello again. This is Greg in Queens, I had sent you a note on Ebay.
onefresh who cares who bought it and how much they paid... step up and buy a f!cking car already...
who cares who bought it and how much they paid?..... step up and buy a f!cking car already...
spoken like a true used car salesman Rupert; who cares? anyone that cares about true value and is opposed to paying outrageous birddog/finder's fees; recent sales help determine current values
does anyone care about working on mark VIII's anymore? or is this place becoming a forum for disgruntled sellers and buyers?
I love how 98cobralsc bitches. Is it bc you got called out on you non one owner car guy. Get a life

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