1998 LSC Passenger Side Window

Lincoln Mark VIII

  1. 60ridesagain

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    Jul 20, 2019
    Queen Creek, Arizona
    Fishing for ideas...

    Passenger side window worked fine last week, today no bueno. Will not work from either side, no hum, nothing. Motor I quess. Both switches would not have failed simultaneously.

    What concerns me the most is access. I've had this car since 2011 (67,000 miles) and the Saddle Tan interior is what finally sold me:Immaculate. Parts for these are following the last walk of the dinosaur as you well know...how much of that door panel need come off?

    Drive into a shop and everyone looks at you as if you had three eyes. Hoping the experience here will give me a leg up. Thanks in advance.
  2. xtriggerman

    xtriggerman Active LVC Member

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    Jan 7, 2019
    Before you buy any parts, I would verify the rear window track is not broken at the mounting bolt near the bottom half of the door. The weld on the track mounting tab broke on mine and made the window rattle badly. I suppose its possible to jam the window if broken. Also, test the motor first with some direct power to it. There is a pretty good parts guy you can contact at racebronco2@yahoo.com Carlos . He's in Caly and very knowledgeable in what goes bad in these cars and has a number of parts cars. another guy up in MA has a very large number of Marks... Bruce. dbleb88@yahoo.com He was reliable for me on a couple of small gen2 parts.

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