1998-2002 Lincoln Continental Power Steering Fluid Change Procedure (SlowWay)

Lincoln Continental

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    I thought I would start a thread to show how to change the power steering fluid in your '98-'02 Continental. This is the slow way in doing this. I've done some research and many say that if you do a full fluid flush or exchange either way it puts air in the lines. When air is in the lines you have to bleed the air out. If you get air in the system its bad for the power steering pump. I'll outline what you need below and how to do it. Just remember changing the power steering fluid is maintenance you have to make sure to do this when the fluid starts to turn very dark.

    1. You'll need Castrol Trans Max Mercon V. Make sure you get Mercon V it is required by Lincoln, along with a LubriMatic mini suction pump Part #55-001.


    2. Place the suction pump in the power steering reservoir. Start pumping the fluid in a clear bottle a water bottle works well. You'll see how much you are taking out. Make sure to get all the fluid out of the reservoir.


    3. Once the reservoir is empty, take the bottle with the old fluid and get a clean water bottle and measure the clean bottle with clean new fluid, based on how much old fluid is in the water bottle along side it, place new fluid into power steering reservoir remember what ever you take out you put back in:


    4. You can get a Gatorade bottle its capacity is 20 Fl. to capture all the old fluid. As you can see mine is very dirty. Slowly it will get cleaner. It is maintenance. So far I've completed this 6 or 7 times.


    **Make sure you turn steering wheel lock to lock to circulate new fluid. You can also put car on jack stands and do this procedure for a quicker outcome. You can do whichever you like. Take old fluid to a proper recycling site for disposal like Auto Zone.

    I had a slight hesitation and minor steering pump wine, doing this cleared that right up.
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