1997 Mercury Sable no start


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Dec 9, 2007
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ok, so here's the scoop. I'm asking here as well as on the taurus forums but i have run out of ideas. Sunday night the car runs fine, drove it all over. Monday afternoon i get in it to go to work and "crank crank crank" but no start. I have checked the schrader valve on the fuel rail as well as the fuel pump shut off switch in the trunk, both seemed ok. Just wondering if anyone here has any ideas one what it could be before i make an appointment to get it towed to a shop.

thanks in advance for the tips!!
Maybe you want to test the crankshaft position sensor
you are right about the crank sensor, but i found an alternator bracket not attached to anything swinging into the sensor. reattached the bracket and it fired right up. not sure why it wasn't attached, but i know that it was worked on by a 10 minute oil change place before i bought it, so who knows.

thanks for the reply!!!

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