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  1. mystere485

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    Dec 8, 2018
    Alberta, Canada
    Hello! I’m Rod from Alberta, Canada. I am a third owner of a white Jack Nicklaus edition. I was looking for a loaded 90’s roadmaster, same gen fleetwood, or town car(preferred 1998-2001 style). I ended up settling for this car after making the widow cry and seeing the car in person. Her husband owned the car for 14 years as a retirement gift from the son-in-law. In that time he put on 26k miles.

    Even though the car had 155,000miles when I bought it, I have changed out many factory parts... headlights and the factory plastic coolant jacket intake for instance.

    After two years of owning the car, I still enjoy watching myself drive by large windows when my car is clean! Other than a black 1998 model, or a spinnaker model, I really don’t see myself owning anything else.

    Joined the forum because I am looking to do some upgrades to the car and could use some expertise. Some things I’d like to do:
    -Replace cell phone with Aux Jack
    -rear light bar upgrade
    -replace chrome trim in trim and bumpers
    -front air ride
    -maybe bucket seat conversion
    -rear diff ratio change

    Looking forward to a bunch of thread reading!

  2. EchoOwen

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    Feb 20, 2019
    Tampa, Florida
    Welcome to the forum, Rod!

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