1990 Mark VII stereo question


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Oct 29, 2022
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Hello, I’ve recently acquired my mother-in-laws 1990 Mark VII LSC. It is missing the stereo, as it was removed years ago to be repaired but wasn’t able to be repaired. I am trying to find a functional OEM replacement. I do know that it was a cassette type radio and the car has the JBL audio system. Any part numbers or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, DuaneR
The problem is after all this time the electronics have all failed and there is no replacement.
Remember this is our future with electric cars. Obsolete unrepairable electronics.

Call Crutchfield and install a MUCH better after market set up.
Repaired my 04 lin 6-disc radio has oem speakers too

My problem is that I don’t have the factory cassette player/radio any longer. I’ve found some units that look exactly like it on eBay but there are different part numbers for units that look exactly alike. This 1990 Mark VII is equipped with the optional JBL system. I’d like to reinstall what came factory on it if at all possible.
Hey did you ever get this sorted? We have a 91 and it came with the JBL optional sound system, Ours came with a CD player. I removed it and installed a tape deck, so I could play cassettes and mp3's. Most stock decks from that time period work with the JBL system.
If you didn't get this sorted, let me know and I will take a photo of the back wiring connectors - just find a deck that matches those and you will be good to go.

You can also install an AUX line in, with these decks by cutting a headphone wire and connecting the Left & Right channels and the ground. Took less than 5 min. once I knew where to connect the three wires.

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