1977 -79 Continental problem areas?

Lincoln Continental

  1. Deepstuff

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    Jun 21, 2018
    I'm looking at a 1977 Continental Town Car and a a '79 Continental collector Series. Are there any problem areas I should be sure to inspect before purchase or any options I should look for or stay away from?

    I know about rusty rear bumpers.

  2. Svets96

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    Jul 18, 2005
    North East Ohio
    Make sure you look over the electrics like switches and the like. Also check vacuum hoses to see if there are any cracks. Sometimes with the hide away headlights the headlight buckets will go up. Common sign for having a cracked or sliced vacuum line. Check for squeaks in suspension, check under car any rust or rusted out floor pans, leaky rear diff., any other rust on body of car. Check for any cracks in door panels and any other old plastic in the interior. Typically it will be around the rear dog legs and such. Also look and check over the carb and fuel lines with a fine tooth comb. No gas squirting out causing a fire, that can be common with any carbed car.

    Hope this will give you kind of an idea.

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