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Dec 27, 2006
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find information on the 1974-1976 Mark IV's for a school project. I need to database some information on a multitude of vehicles. More specifically, I need to find out where the fuel tanks are located in these vehicles (before, after, or above rear axle, etc).

I'm also trying to find what material they're made out of (steel, plastic). And finally if there is any protective shielding. Sometimes there will be a skid plate, a head shield for a nearby exhaust, or a shield for the drive train (RWD vehicles).

This information is being databased to show the trends in fuel tank placement, material, and shielding for all vehicles starting in 1974 to date.

Sorry for the long first post, but I appreciate any information you may have in regards to this topic. If anyone on the forums here has one of the said vehicles, perhaps you would be able to take a quick look under the car and fill me in.

Thanks a ton guys/gals !!
Thanks for the link Jibit. It seems like there's a lot of good info there but not exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks though :)
yeah, checked through it and didn't see anything either. It might help that the T-Bird uses the same setup and gas tank. It may help to search for a gas tank for that car and you can get the info from it.
Apparently, according to my sister's and clone's list the Mark IV's shared the same platform as the Ford Thunderbird (Correct). Now I'm having trouble getting the information about a Thunderbird.
I have spent some time looking for this info...
I have checked various years of Lincolns and Fords on Ebay. Some of the better low mileage vehicles have some nice undercarraige shots. Years close to what you are looking for have the -Steel gas tank locted after the rear axle.
Libraries have manuals such as many years of Chiltons and the like, stacked up for more research.
Used car dealerships and cruise-ins are another source...

Depends on how motivated and creative you are to get the info...Its out there.

Good hunting!

Thanks for the great information everyone. I've been pretty creative to date, that's for sure. Including talking my way into the service center of a ferrarri dealership :)

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