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  1. Fleetwood472

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    Jan 21, 2021
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    I will post individually soon and post pics but wanted to post right away so i can field questions already

    1972 Cadillac Coupe Deville silver with no vinyl top, was a stunner when i drove it years ago piece but sitting a while, possible water pump and head gasket issue

    1973 Fleetwood blue with blue cloth interior and white vinyl top, may need water pump, but will run and drive

    1973 Fleetwood Black with blue leather interior and black vinyl top, rough, drove out of the auction where i bought it years ago but transmission went out, have spare trans from 1975 DeVille in trunk

    1974 Eldorado triple black, was my driver even though it was rather rough, rear window out, ambitious resto, rat rod (cringe but sometimes its the only way to save one) or parts (bigger

    1975 Coupe DeVille brown with brown top and leather interior, was a ok driver , will start and drive but sticky brakes

    1978 Eldorado Biarritz Red with red leather and red top, was also a driver but needs starter and tlc

    mostly i saved these when they were ok drivers in good condition from situations were they were sadly likely to be scrapped but sadly i struggled to keep up with bringing them back to their former glory

    Hopefully I can pass them along to some good owners who can love them all

    open to all offers, will post pics and some approximate prices soon
  2. 70scarsrule

    70scarsrule New LVC Member

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    Jan 27, 2021
    Look forward to pictures!

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